Author: chris

  • The MathTwitterBlogoSphere

    The MathTwitterBlogoSphere (wisely abbreviated to #mtbos) is something that I’m keen to observe and dabble in where I can too. I love the idea of sharing Maths ideas, enthusiasm and geekery. My name is Chris Smith, from Scotland and I write a weekly Maths newsletter which goes out by email to over 500 Maths lovers…

  • A video showing Pi-Wire in action!

    We’ve uploaded a quick video (less than two minutes) which shows off what you’ll see as Pi-Wire generates the visualisation of the first 3141 digits of π. I’m trying to see about getting a more fitting backing track for the video but even with your computer on mute the video is very pretty!    

  • Would you like a slice of π?

    This is a screen shot from the brand new, freely available Pi-Wire program. You pick the constant you want to experiment with (I suggest using the preset one: π), the number of decimal places, the colours, the thickness of lines, the speed… Enjoy!