About Pi-Wire

pi chris

Using our Pi-Wire program, we can visualise π in a stunningly beautiful way*. It pairs up each of the digits in this awesome constant (3.14159265358979…) with its position. Since 3 is the starting point, 1 is the first decimal place, 4 is second decimal place, 1 is the third decimal place etc we form links from 3:0 to 1:1 to 4:2 to 1:3 and the pattern that develops is jaw-droppingly pretty. The idea for this was originally floated by Cristian Ilies Vasile but the neat thing about our program is that you get to watch the dynamic creation of these images. So download the program (it’s free), play around with it and create your own movie about π. Enjoy. Lap it up. Savour.


You can download the software here, see the installation instructions (it’s really simple), or read the help/how-to information.[/aside]

*Note, you can also use the package to explore e and φ but Chris has an obsession for π so that’s what we’ve chosen to highlight here!