Installing Pi-Wire

Pi-Wire can be installed on most Windows-based computers. You might be prompted to install the .NET Framework, which is a free download from Microsoft (if this applies to you, it should be handled automatically).

Unzip Pi-Wire

install_0Pi-Wire comes as a zip file. Once you’ve downloaded the installer, unzip all files, and run “setup.exe”.


Pi-Wire’s installation is what Microsoft call “ClickOnce“. The time it takes to install might depend on your computer, but you may see the following screen while waiting:


You may be asked to install Microsoft’s .NET Framework, depending on your computer. If so, the installer will know where/how to do this, and should handle it automatically.

Once the installer is ready, it will ask you if you want to install Pi-Wire.


If you choose “Install”, Pi-Wire will be installed on your computer. Pi-Wire will run automatically when this is finished.

Pi Ware


Once Pi-Wire is installed, you should find it in your Start/All Programs menu. The installer should also have placed a shortcut on your desktop.

For instructions on using Pi-Wire, see this page.